Six Senses Spa, Evason Rawai, Phuket THAILAND

You can never have too many massages when you’re in Thailand. Well, especially when you went through an electrical storm, a tsunami scare and a speed boat that stopped working in the middle of a big, wide ocean (which then soon lost one of its propellers).

Now that you can understand how terribly stressed I must’ve been at the time when I was in Phuket, the massage session booked by the other travel bunnie well before our departure for this popular holiday destination was exactly was I needed.

Our driver dropped off at Evason Phuket (which closed on 24 May 2012) and this place is all about eco-friendly products and services.

Our massage session took place in a nice couple villa which came with an ensuite. The three-hour couple session was cut short as the masseuses decided to end our treatment for no particular reason (that’s in addition to her disappearing act for another 15 minutes). 

I guess now we understand why the treatment was not up to Six Senses Standards - they all probably didn’t care anymore given that they were about to lose their jobs.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: ฿12,000 Thai Baht.

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