Kotobuki, 53 Lytton Road, EAST BRISBANE QLD 4169

Kotobuki is tucked away, to say the least. Although located in a complex that's situated on a main road, we didn't see any obvious signs other than a queue of people.

This sushi joint is very small yet extremely busy for dinner service, especially on a Tuesday night.

I was overwhelmed at how many options there are on the menu. I absolutely loved the Dragon rolls and Lion King, which means that the Kotobuki noodles and gyoza weren't as good in comparison. Don't waste your time on their miso soup either.

This isn't a posh place, in fact behind my seat were four pairs of dirty shoes. But hey, for $41.00 we got so much food! I can't comment on other menu options, but I would definitely go back for their freshly made sushi. 

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $41.00

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  1. Oh no. Deep fried gyoza = fail. They must be pan fried!!

    1. yeah, i wasn't impressed with the gyoza. They make really good sushi but. :)