Our island hopping day trip - Phuket, THAILAND

Now that I think of it, we were really brave bunnies during our trip to Thailand. The morning after the tsumani scare, we decided to go to our island hopping tour on a speed boat... the day tour was booked months before our departure and I felt like my trip to Phuket wouldn't be complete if I didn't go to the famous Phi Phi Island.

A shuttle bus picked us up from our villa early in the morning, the driver had to pick up two other couples en route to the port where we would meet up other couples. Not surprisingly, one couple bailed out for the obvious reason.

Everyone was given a coloured sticker upon arrival and we were instructed to jump onto a speedboat, all twelve of us.

Thirty minutes after the boat departed, one of its two engines failed. We were stranded in the middle of the ocean, with no other boats in sight. The “captain” of the boat worked his magic and somehow got the boat started up again. But that didn't last long, we soon lost a propeller. Bravo. Just what I needed. I need to point out that I don't know how to swim (yes, yes, I know, I know...).

So anyway, they managed to take us to most of the islands that were included in the itinerary, safely.

I also managed to see some tropical fish as the other travel bunnie had to hold my hands while I tried to keep myself afloat (wearing a giant neon-orange lifejacket).

I enjoyed Phi Phi Island the most, the water was gorgeous and it wasn't crowded. We were told by our guide (whose name was “Mr. Boy”) that we were really lucky because the island gets busy quiet often.

Phi Phi Island is definitely a must for a holiday in Phuket. 

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