When time stopped - tsunami scare, Phuket THAILAND

One the way back to our villa from elephant trekking in a safari van, we saw crowds gathering around looking panicked and countless cars and scooters rushing to escape from the beach. I asked the driver why everyone was in such a hurry, to which he casually responded “the tsunami is coming”. I didn't take it seriously, as it was only our second day in Phuket and I thought there is no way that we would be so lucky (or rather unlucky). As we continued our ride for a few more minutes, I saw more and more people running, my stomach felt sick and I knew something was wrong.

We asked our driver again whether he was kidding and if not, why would he continued to drive to the beach? He confirmed that a tsunami alert had been issued. We jumped off the van and joined a crowd of people running up to the top of a nearby hill.

Topless tourists and screaming kids, there were people everywhere.

We were told that Phuket would be hit by tsumani in 30 minutes due to an earthquake in Indonesia of more than 8 magnitude. Never had I felt so small and fragile against the power of nature. Suddenly, nothing mattered anymore. Being able to carry a designer bag, wear a diamond-crusted watch, drive an imported sports car – it all seemed so meaningless and shallow.

I decided to call mum to let her know that I was okay, I wanted to stay strong for her. Tears came out from my eyes uncontrollably as soon as I heard that familiar voice, the thought of never being able to spend anymore time with my parents hurt like a thousand knifes slicing my heart.

It took about five hours before we got the all clear from the Thai government. I'm so happy that nothing happened, but it also made me realise how important it is to be grateful of things, how important it is to imagine if you were left with nothing in life, would you still whinge? 

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