Flaming Olive | 100 McLachlan Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

Be warned. This post contains explicit foodporn.

Thursday night. My Man and I were all dressed up and we had our arm candy, aka Minibun George looking very sleek. We were ready to rock the house at Flaming Olive. Or should I say that Flaming Olive was ready to rock our taste buds and take us on an unforgettable gastronomical joyride?

I was going to write a few sentences on the décor of the restaurant, but given that the focus of this post is on my foodgasm experience at Flaming Olive, I thought it'd be appropriate for me to stay on track.

Our waiter had a grin on his face when he walked over with our dinner as if he had some sort of premonition of how much we are going to like the food. And he was right, we loved it. We were quick to fire off our orders and before you know it, ours orders of Milly hill slow cooked lamb shoulder, celeriac remoulade, chimicurri, lemon cheek ($32) and fragrant duck breast, aromatic quince, almond, duck parfait, tendrils, jus gras ($34) with a side of truffle fries, truffle infused salt, gooey egg ($10) were on the table. The second the food landed at our table I could tell that a lot of care and detail had gone into the various elements on the dishes. The duck was perfectly sliced with the rendered fat perfectly crispy and yet juicy all at once. While the duck was well seasoned and tasty in itself the duck parfait when combined with the breast lifted the dish to another level. The lamb was a slightly more rustic meal but still ever so elegantly presented. The meat was tender and its rich flavour was balanced with the crisp and textural flavour of the celeriac remoulade. While both dishes truly were complete in themselves, we all know that everything is better with truffle, so our side of truffle shoestring fries when dipped in a gooey egg made us both simultaneously sigh in satisfaction.

At our waiter's recommendation we powered straight into our desserts off the restaurant’s new summer dessert menu. Both dishes truly were works of art. The Cassis Golden Orb ($17) stood proudly in the centre of its plate and as its perfectly cylindrical, glossy chocolate exterior melted under the warmth of the hot chocolate fondue being poured over it by the waiter, my eyes were immediately drawn to the crème de cassis ice cream inside. When I scooped up the various elements into a spoon then quickly into my mouth I have to say my heart skipped a beat and I was instantly in love. Similarly the Broken Coconut ($15) looked as pretty as I imagined it and the various layers of toasted coconut husk, young coconut water, tropical fruit and frozen coconut were testament to the chef's creativity and passion for food. My favourite part of eating this dish was cracking the coconut crusted chocolate casing and indiscriminately shovelling as much of it in my mouth as I could (or could not) fit.

Flaming Olive is definitely the place to be if you want to be wowed by quality food in a quiet setting. Leave room (or make some) for dessert as this place is currently serving some of the most creative in Brisbane!

Total bunnie dollars spent: $116.50

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