Blackboard Specialty Coffee | Shop 7/240 Varsity Parade, VARSITY LAKES QLD 4227

When I saw the sexy looking cronuts neatly presented by the team from Blackboard Coffee at the Zara media launch, I gasped with excitement only seconds later saddened at the realisation that there was no way for me to juggle a camera in one hand and a cronut in the other while browsing through the spring/summer collection. So when I got home from the function, the first thing that I told the other travel bunnie was that we had to go and visit Blackboard Coffee.

And we did.

Despite feeling extremely full as a result of having had a scrumptious breakfast only 30 minutes prior, the other travel bunnie and I feared that we would miss out on the cronuts and decided to make our way to Varsity Lakes regardless. Greeted by the cheerful waitstaff, we ordered a salted caramel injected doughnut ($4.50) and a mint oreo cronut ($5), together with a latte ($4) made from Blackboard House Blend and a chai latte ($4). I suppose when the word “syringe” come to mind, one often associates it with either drugs or medical treatments and both are obnoxious. But when it comes to Blackboard Coffee, you will find the sight of syringes delightful. I know I did. Let me tell you, those two sweet treats were totes amazeballs (I think that's what the cool kids say these days?)!!!

We had a quick look at the breakfast menu before we left and let me tell you, the bunnies can't wait to head down to the coast again so that we can visit Blackboard Coffee.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $17.50

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