Commit the Mortal Sin this Valentine's Day

Is it really terrible to eat cake for breakfast? I mean, what if it’s really, really good and it’s just so hard to resist and you share it with your loved one (wow – that’s a lot of justification in one breath)? I had it for breakfast this morning and I blame it on the Romantic Month of February when Cupid Decides to Come Out and Play, after all, Valentine’s Day is only just around the corner. 

Introducing the Mortal Sin. The name alone brings out the curiosity in people. It’s devilishly delicious. The cake consists of rich, delicate and irresistible layers of vanilla cheesecake, chocolate mousse and marshmallow fluff, with a chocolate cookie base. Need I say more?

I think the cake is perfect to share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Or even better, have it all to yourself… but consider yourself warned, it will leave you with a sweet hangover. I note that there is no warning on the cake box about eating it all yourself?!

Disclaimer: the cake was provided to the bunnies free of charge courtesy of Michel’s Patisserie, however my opinion is as always, my own. 

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