Lindt Chocolate Shop opens at DFO Brisbane | Brisbane Airport QLD 4007

If your heart hasn’t skipped a beat after reading the title of this post, you are either allergic to chocolate or something’s the matter with you. I’m sorry but I love chocolate and when I was made aware of the news that Lindt & Sprüngli Australia was about to open Queensland’s first ever Lindt Chocolate Shop at DFO Brisbane, I was ecstatic. I was more excited when I found out that they were giving away one-hundred Lindor balls to the first one-hundred customers.

Last Saturday, I made sure that the family all got up early and that Minibun George was fed. Then, off we went to DFO. It was approximately an hour before the opening time so I can get myself a nice spot at the front (at least that was what I thought). My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the queue that extended all the way to the back of the shop. People literally started queuing at 7 am. Hundreds of people were there. I suddenly realised that I wasn’t the only one with an addictive chocolate obsession.

The shop offers a vast range of premium chocolate products, the widest range available under one roof in Australia, with many exclusive lines appealing to Lindt chocolate lovers. Warning, you might feel dizzy with the all the colourful looking Lindor balls in the shop and that may result in you going crazy, running from wall to wall buying all of the amazing flavors (or again, maybe that was just me).

And yes, I had to have a signature hot chocolate from the shop before I left (I left unwillingly of course, but someone had to make room for the rest of the people that were still in the queue). The hot chocolate was the bomb. It was sweet and creamy, and extremely chocolaty without being sickeningly rich.

Not that you ever need an excuse to go shopping, but I think I just found the perfect reason to go to DFO a little more often.

Disclaimer: DolceBunnie received the signature hot chocolate on the house.

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