La Rotisserie | Gasworks Plaza, 76 Skyring Terrace, NEWSTEAD QLD 4006

Given we had to pick up a Cookie Monster cake for Minibun George's 100 day celebration last Thursday night, instead of cooking dinner at home, we made a detour and grabbed a quick dinner at La Rotisserie,Gasworks Plaza.

For a fast food eatery, La Rotisserie's shopfront looks very impressive. The outside dining area is set up in a way that would easily remind you of a typical Parisian cafe with tables and chairs on the pavement.

Orders are to be placed at the counter as you drool over the slow roasted chickens in the oven. A la wagyu roll with two choices of salads ($15) for me and a la piggy roll with chips ($15) for the other travel bunnie. Filled with tantalising meat and creamy coleslaw, the rolls were big and definitely required both hands to eat. I found the shredded beef (which was cooked for 12 hours) extremely tender, and the whole time as I was eating it, delicious juices kept running down my fingers and back onto the plate. Rather than having chips as I usually would, I opted for a healthy option: a side of wild rice salad as well as some beetroot salad mixed with feta. Although I didn't find the beetroot salad to be anything to special, I quite enjoyed the texture and taste of the wild rice salad. I could tell by the look on the other travel bunnie's face that he had also enjoyed his crunchy roll filled with pork which also had a tomato based sauce. By the way, the chips were gooooood (really good).

Dinner washed down with a can of ice cold creaming soda, which happens to be my favourite drink at the moment.

So there you go, a Parisian-style eatery with food that's not only affordable but pretty delicious too.  All this with free parking downstairs and some very present wait staff. Someone say I’ll be back?

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $32.0

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