Navala Churrascaria | 123 Eagle Street, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

If the following post doesn't make too much sense, you'll have to excuse me, because I have only just recovered from a self-induced food coma that I experienced on Saturday night.

You see, the story began like this: last week when my foodie friend J and I were just casually sitting at Chocolateria San Churro gulping a thick hot chocolate right after a massive dinner, we decided that it wast time for us to release the carnivores inside of us and have a feast at Navala Churrascaria.

So there we were on a breezy Spring night, ready to devour whatever meat that came at us. And did we eat. For $53 per person, we had the unlimited Brazilian BBQ degustation from wood and charcoal fire pits. The meat selection astounded me. They had everything from suckling pig, beef hump and lamb rump to Brazilian traditional sausage, garlic prawn and coconut fish. The meats were juicy and tender, and the pieces of pork crackling that I had were ever-so crispy yet not hard at all. If thats not enough to satisfy, wait for the sides. Although the crumbed banana was my favourite of the night (and I probably ordered ten serves), the grilled sugar cinnamon pineapple was definitely a popular item for the table.

We devoured that meaty goodness like barbarians whilst listening to some relaxing live tunes and downing cooling fresh coconut water. I should also mention that the service that we received on the night was upbeat, friendly and efficient. We absolutely enjoyed our dinner at Navala. The only downside was, the other travel bunnie and I were so full, we almost rolled all the way home.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $125

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