Minibun George turned 100 days today!

Minibun George turned 100 days today.

Life has been very different for the other travel bunnie and I since the arrival of our baby boy. Despite many sleepless nights, George has brought so much joy to us and our families.

I still remember the day when I found out that I was pregnant. I broke the news to the other travel bunnie at 5 in the morning when he was still sleeping and we snuggled together until the sun came up. The next day, my doctor confirmed that I was five weeks pregnant. The first time when I saw Minibun George's heartbeat on the scan, tears came rolling down my cheeks, he was five weeks and four days. There was a little miracle growing inside of me. From then on the other travel bunnie would treat me like a queen (as if he wasn't already). He would walk to my work down the other end of the town to collect me after work, give me nightly massages after washing my hair in the shower. He never missed any appointments or scans, and he always made sure that my cravings were satisfied before I went to bed each night. The other travel bunnie was always there for me, from the very start right until the morning when I laid on the operating table shaking uncontrollably as I was so scared while he tenderly stroked my hair to calm me down, his eyes never left mine... and seven minutes later we heard a very loud cry and hello, Minibun George! A healthy baby was born 8 pounds 2 ounces with a very good set of lungs.

100 days later, with God's blessing, Minibun George is looking cuter than ever, and he's been such a good baby to me right from the beginning when he was still in my womb. Never once had I experience morning sickness and my obstetrician was always pleased to see us as Minibun George was very well behaved.

These days, my daily routine involves breastfeeding at three-hour intervals, story telling, nappy changing (which happens too many times for my liking), taking photos of Minibun George, playing with him, taking photos of George again, and again, then sending them to the other travel bunnie. And of course, on most days, I'd take him out in his limited edition Andy Warhol for Bugaboo pram and stroll around the city. Also, although it sounds rather weird, I often find myself missing him terribly when he's sound asleep in his bassinet, and when that happens, I'd take him out and put him onto our bed in between the other travel bunnie and I, so that I can smell the milky scent on him and hear his rhythmic breathing.

It's amazing how a three-month old baby could change me so much. He's teaching me everyday, how to be patient, how to love more and how to cherish life. Every day, I thank God for bringing me this precious present and for making me a very, very blessed woman.

PS. so on his 99th night we had a little celebration for him and he seemed quite pleased with his cookie monster cake. What a cutie!

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