Taronga Zoo | Sydney, AUSTRALIA

I've been to the zoo twice in my life. The first time was when I was five years old. I didn't enjoy the experience. It was on a heated summer day in China, the zoo was crowded and I couldn't stop sweating. To make matters worse, from memory the smell of the zoo was almost unbearable.

When the other travel bunnie offered to take me to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, I hesitated a little, but the other travel bunnie promised that the experience would be completely different. And that was my second experience.

The day trip began at Circular Quay, where we hopped onto a Sydney Ferry. The weather on the day was picture perfect which made the twelve minute ferry trip absolutely beautiful.

A short cable car ride and we were at the top entrance of the zoo. I envy those cute animals because they possibly live on one of most expensive pieces of real estate in Sydney, and on top of that, it seems that all they need to worry about all day is eating food, playing and having snoozes in between.

I can't quite decide on my favourite part of the zoo as it's nothing but impressive. So here are the photo highlights.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $210 (ZooPasses for four adults)

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