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The weather has been extremely cold recently. I'm not sure if it's the cold weather or the fact that I'm at the very last stage of my pregnancy but I've been having HUGE cravings for sweets. Be it Lindt Lindor Strawberries and Cream or Krispy Kreme.

I happened to also find out that Chester Street (aka the joint that does really awesome duck fat chips with truffle salt and of course, wood fired pizza) had recently launched a new dessert menu that's available from 5pm until midnight. Upon the discovery, my heart almost jumped to my throat. I had to go.

So last night after dinner, the other travel bunnie and I chucked on our jackets and took a five minute drive to Chester Street.

If you are expecting a fancy dessert menu that includes elements such as liquid nitrogen, then you are at the wrong place. In my opinion, the dessert menu at Chester Street is all about those old school classic desserts (albeit some of them have their own twist), so think sticky date pudding, chocolate fondant and warm apple pie.

At the recommendation of the staff, we enjoy waffles with candied bacon and maple syrup ice cream, as well as a crepe with lemon curd and vanilla ice cream. Candied bacon, seriously, need I say more?

If it's a simple cake and coffee that you are after on a cold night (mind you, heaters are provided for the patrons who love sitting in Chester Street's adorable white picket fence front-yard), there are plenty of other sweet treats available for you at Chester Street.

So next time when you're sitting at home contemplating on where to go with your friends on a cold night? Think no further.

Disclaimer: the bunnies were guests of Chester Street Bakery + Bar.

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