Cafe Cre Asion | Sydney, AUSTRALIA

I first found out about Cafe Cre Asion through social media; a photo of a green tea fondant stole my heart. I had to eat it. 

Our flight didn’t arrive in Sydney until after noon. After checking into the hotel, Minibun George and the other travel bunnie patiently waited for me to take photos of every corner of the hotel room, before we finally headed out for a belated lunch. 

We arrived literally 5 minutes after the kitchen closed. Utter devastation. I turned around and looked at the other travel bunnie apologetically, and mouthed the bad news to him. So we ended up having cakes for lunch, which I guess wasn’t all that bad if you are Marie Antoinette.  I ordered a matcha green tea latte ($5), a Japanese cheesecake ($5) and their most photographed item, a matcha green tea fondant ($8.5). The second when I put a spoonful of fondant in my mouth, I understood what the fuss was all about; the gooey center, the delicious yet slightly bitter matcha sauce, and that hint of sweetness of the red beans. The Japanese cheesecake tasted exactly like what I was expecting; velvety smooth texture, creamy with a subtle sweetness. Minibun George devoured the whole thing, and I was worried that he wouldn’t like it… 

Cafe Cre Asion is a matcha lover’s paradise located in a quiet laneway. With a small space and uncomfortably low tables and stools. But putting all that aside, it’s a wonderful little gem.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $18.50

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