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I've always believed that a birthday without a cake is never a proper birthday and when the man of your life is turning thirty, the birthday cake has gotta be good.

The trip to Sydney was a combined birthday weekend for both A and the other travel bunnie who happened to be born in the same year. So naturally, after have seen an episode of MasterChef that featured a Black Forest gelato cake work of art by Gelato Messina, there was no other option than going to the legendary Gelato shop in Darlinghurst.

The visit happened directly after our feast at Hurricane's Grill, because that's what sane people do; they have a plateful of ribs and then jump into a cab at 9.30 at night and have a gelato cake that is recommended to cater for fourteen to sixteen people among the four!

I called in advance to reserve the cake of my choice; Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom. Now I could describe the gelato cake for you, but I thought a copy & paste job from their website would be more appropriate given its ingredients:

The top dome of this cake is filled with Dr Evil gelato (dark chocolate gelato, peanut cookies and dulce de leche) and is topped with layers of vanilla cream, chocolate sponge, a red ganache, and white chocolate buttons to finish. The stalk is filled with dulce de leche caramel surrounded by dark chocolate gelato. The whole mushroom sits upon ‘grass’ made from popping candy and crushed biscuit.

So understandably, we were stared at by many, MANY passersby. Hell, random people were even taken photos of us eating that cake inside of Messina's Creative Department. In the end, the race between the four of us to finish our mammoth portions was an epic failure for all as the closest any of us got to finishing ended halfway down the mushroom stalk.

Was it creative, insane, amazing and quite possibly the ultimate ice cream cake ever – YES.

Was it the worst ever thing to combine with an already overfull stomach post Hurricane's – YES.

Would I do it again...

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $85  

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