Hurricane's Grill | Sydney, AUSTRALIA

When you go on a holiday with another couple, it's a no brainer to go with a couple who are into their food as much as you, if not more, because nobody wants to have a party pooper on the trip who is constantly conscious about calorie-counting.

On the second night of our weekend getaway to Sydney with A and H, the four of us visited Hurricane's Grill. Set by the water in Darling Harbour, this steakhouse restaurant remains as one of the city's most popular dining venues.

If you think the menu is overwhelming, then wait till you see the food.

Our eyes tricked us into thinking that we were extremely hungry and we ordered two serves of their garlic bread ($4.5 per serve) as a starter to what turned out to be an impressive feast. The other travel bunnie and I were so ambitious that for mains, we ordered and shared the Hurricane's BBQ Meat Platter ($94.90), which came with basted chicken wings, Boerewors, lightly basted juicy lamb cutlets, short cut sirloin and Hurricane's famous ribs. And let me tell you, that dish is a dream come true for any meat lovers. H ordered half a rack of pork ribs ($34.90), while A decided to go with a full rack of beef ribs ($42.90). So the four of us just sat there and we put in our best efforts to devour that tender, juicy, meaty goodness like the carnivores we all are... elegantly of course (we wore bibs).

We came out of the restaurant feeling as though we had eaten an entire farm, seriously. It was one of the ultimate guilty pleasures on the trip and is well worth enjoying.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $250+ (really can't recall due to the meat sweats and temporary foodcoma)  

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