Jones the Grocer | Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The four of us woke up the next morning, with a big day ahead of us so the first thing that was on our minds was breakfast. A decent breakfast somewhere close to the hotel, we thought. So we ended up at Jones the Grocer.

It was an early Saturday morning and we were the only table there. Orders were quickly taken and we watched the chef cooking up our breakfast as we sipped on some much needed coffee. Their menu changes regularly to reflect the current fresh produce. After having had a big feast the night before, both the other travel bunnie and H decided to have something light. H had a bircher muesli and the other travel bunnie had banana bread. A enjoyed a full breakfast and I, on the other hand wanted something sweet and opted for their french toast.

I don't remember coming out thinking it was a fantastic breakfast, but it certainly did the job.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $75 (or thereabouts) 

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