Alcatraz Island | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA USA

When we booked our trip to America, the other travel bunnie said to me that I could go anywhere and stay at whichever hotel that I wanted, on one condition; that he gets to do a night tour to Alcatraz Island.

I gladly accepted the proposal.

As we were on a tight schedule during our stay in San Francisco, we decided to do a night tour to Alcatraz Island, which turned out to be an extraordinarily memorable experience. As we lined up at Pier 33 to board onto the boat to the island, the sky darkened and it started to rain. An eerie feeling creeped up along my spine as soon as I stepped off the boat and climbed the hill into the main prison.

We had were allowed to stay for an extra hour on the island to catch the eight o'clock return boat service, but I felt so disturbed after having seen the old prison hospital, I yanked the other travel bunnie by his sleeve and begged to go back to the mainland.

The whole tour was professional, informative and engaging of your every sense. The tour is almost completely self guided and the audio guides that you are given at the start of the tour just take you that extra step into transporting you back to when Alcatraz was alive with activity. Also, the views back across the bay in every direction behind the light mist for rain was spectacular!

On the way back, I couldn't help but wonder, did anyone really escape this super facility?

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $74

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