Sirocco Rooftop Restaurant, Lebua State Tower, Bangkok THAILAND

Having dinner at the famous and the most spectacular restaurant in Bangkok - Sirocco was something that we had to do to tick off our travel bucket list.

A nice table for two with a grand view was booked well in advance. I have to admit Sirocco is without a doubt the restaurant that I've been to with the best view. Located on level 64 of the the Dome at Lebua State Tower, not only does it provide a panorama view of the Bangkok city, this restaurant is also famous for it cuisine.

Our night started with a Sky Cosmo (a very appropriate name for a great cocktail made well above the ground) and a Tiger beer. Unfortunately, everything seemed peaceful and relaxing one minute and the next all of the sudden the wind picked up and glasses were tipped over and table cloths were flying everywhere. We were quickly asked to move into the Dome due to the unforeseen weather. We must've been very close to the sky as it felt like the rain started pouring down so quickly.

Our entree didn't arrive until a long time after we ordered as the wait staff had to figure out where everyone was now sitting.

As for the food, we ordered dishes that sounded extremely delicious, e.g. king crab, pork belly, scallops and duck breast. But I was left very disappointed. Yes the dishes were presented nicely, very fancy and pretty, but it was not all that. I rarely leave a restaurant without having any dessert and I did that at Sirocco. I guess that says a lot.

If you are thinking about going to Sirocco only because of its view, I suggest that you head to the Sky Bar located in the middle of the restaurant only and spent your dough somewhere else.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: ฿7,500 Thai baht. 


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