Penguin loves Chocolate, Bangkok THAILAND

It's no secret that us travel bunnies love chocolate, but apparently penguins do too! When I found out that there was a new chocolate cafe that had just opened in Bangkok, I made the other travel bunnie venture out with me to an unknown area (which in reality was probably very close to where we were staying, but I promise you that it felt like we took forever to find this place) to eat, eat, eat!

Penguin loves Chocolate is such a cute shop. It's amazing how creative decorations can make a confined space look inviting. I have to say that the shop itself left a better impression than the actual food. We ordered a crème brulee, a self saucing chocolate putting, a hot chocolate and the other travel bunnie also had a traditional blue lemonade. Let's just say that penguins have a lot to learn about keeping chocolate eating bunnies happy.


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