1889 Enoteca, 12 Logan Road, WOOLLONGABBA QLD 4102

We walked past 1889 Enoteca last time when we had breakfast at the Pearl Cafe. At a recent birthday party of a dear friend, the topic 1889 Enoteca came up and we all thought that it would be a marvellous idea to get together and dine at the restaurant.

Our friend booked a table and used his connection to ensure that there would be enough tiramisu for the four of us at the end of the night.

Filled with endless bottles of wine, this Italian restaurant felt so cosy and welcoming. We greeted to each other with excitements and great anticipation of what the restaurant had to offer, we inevitably wasted no time in deciding what to have for entree. The other travel bunnie and I had red claw yabby, tomato, eggplant & caper salsa ($24) and “the Devil's quail” pepper crusted quail, chicory, tomato ($24) and our friends enjoyed prosciutto, rockmelon, 10yr balsamic ($21) and the vegetable antipasti ($29). I absolutely loved the Devil's quail, the spice crusted meat was succulent and tasted amazing.

Interestingly, both the boys ended up having their famous potato gnocchi, pork & fennel sausage, black truffle tapenade ($36) and us girls decided on tagliatelle, prawns, garlic, chilli ($26/$38). We simply could not fault our meals.

Oh and of course, the desserts! I do honestly believe that I have a separate stomach for desserts. Tiramisu ($15) was a must, but we also had vanilla pannacotta ($15) and chocolate & semolina pudding, stracciatella ice cream ($15). Please don't ask me which one was my favourite, I couldn't pick one, I just wanted to shove all of them in my mouth and lick the plates clean.

1889 Enoteca is hands down my favourite Italian restaurant.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $350 or thereabouts. 


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  1. I can't wait to try this place! I had a tasting of the pork and truffle gnocchi at the Delectable Food Bowl and it was my favorite out of everything we had that day.

    1. my god Cora, you've gotta!! It's hands down the best Italian I've had in Brissy. :)