Geláre, Shop 3 Grey Street, SOUTH BANK QLD 4101

I like all things sweet and waffles are no exception.

I was more than happy to find out Geláre’s half price waffle deal on Tuesdays. For four dollars ($4.00), you get their basic waffle served with cream and syrup. That’s great value in anyone’s language. The other travel bunny and I shared a cookies and cream waffle and a chocolate fudge brownie waffle for the total price of $15.00. The consistency of the waffles was slightly disappointing as the chocolate fudge brownie waffle was soggy and mushy in the centre and the other one was cooked to perfection. Although I still believe that Passione make the best waffles in town, waffles this cheap can hardly be ignored.

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  1. Oh my god! I'm a sucker for waffles! I can't never y no to these babies. Those pictures are mouth watering. Lol

  2. I didn't realised they do 1/2 price deal on Tuesdays. Must go check it out. Whenever I go to Southbank, I can smell the waffles from miles away. Love it!

    1. yep! you should definitely check it out. it's great value!