Vespa Pizza, 148 Merthyr Road, New Farm, QLD 4005

I think you can’t go past Vespa if you are craving for some gourmet wood fired pizzas.

Its casual, funky atmosphere makes this pizzeria a great place to hang out with friends. Not to mention that it’s both licensed for alcohol and BYO permitted.

Their smashed kipfler potatoes w’ parmesan and garlic aioli ($7.5) and streaky bacon and red currant pizza w’ camembert ($19.5) are my favourites. The streaky bacon pizza tastes so unique and I strongly recommend that you try it out!

For dessert, I always have the nutella and marshmallow calzone w vanilla gelato ($10.5), whoever invented this dessert is a true genius. It can be a little rich for some, but for me, it’s perfect.

I think there is room for improvement on their service. We recently went there with our family of ten (including two very cute little bunnies), you know, when there are little kiddies around, there is most likely to be some kind of noise, whether its laughter or tears and I genuinely think that restaurants should prepare themselves for it. Throughout our dinner, we got constant death stares and really pushy service.

Oh yeah, I would definitely go back for their awesomely tasting pizzas, but maybe only for takeaways.

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  1. We have one Pizsa place here in Malaysia they called it The Yellow Cab because they deliver the pizzas using a yellow vespa and mini cooper like Mr. Bean. Lol and the pizza taste awesome, this place reminds me of that place,

  2. Really? I would love to go there next time when I'm in Malaysia. Is it in KL?