It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our home. Yay! 

Two weeks ago, we made a trip to Pottery Barn and we lost each other for what felt like, hours. It was like a wonderland for grown ups; there were Christmas ornaments and tree toppers everywhere. I wanted everything. So $500 dollars later with a receipt almost a meter long, we were finally satisfied that we had enough to decorate our home. When the snow frosted Christmas tree was finally up, it looked so dreamy and beautiful. 

The other travel bunnie, minibun George and I are going to spend Christmas eve at home this year and the dinner menu looks like this:

To Drink
Ginger bread punch decorated with frozen mixed berries

To Eat
Smokey honey BBQ pork ribs marinated over night (yes, it’s an unorthodox dish, but hey, who doesn’t love ribs?);
Creamy potato gratin;
Honey glazed Brussel sprouts with pancetta; 
Cherry and watermelon salad with lime and mint syrup; and 
Ghirardelli chocolate brownies. 

One thing that’s not on our dinner menu, is Mrs Fields cookies. Because I’ve decided to put them out on the kitchen bench everyday until Christmas Eve.   Just like ribs, who doesn’t love Mrs Fields cookies? We stopped by Mrs Fields and there were a great range of Christmas themed gifts filled with deliciously crunchy assorted biscuits, including a giant Santa Cookie Cake! But I found this Santa cookie bowl and thought it was the cutest thing, and it only costed $15.95! It was filled with different variations of cookies but unfortunately they were all gone by the end of the first night because we failed to keep our hands off them, so I made the other travel bunnie buy more the next day. When the other travel bunnie got home, he promptly put in his birthday cake request with me and said that he wanted a giant Cookie Cake. Done! 

What are you going to eat for Christmas this year?

Disclaimer: this is a collaboration post with Mrs. Fields.

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