DolceBunnie x Schkinny Maninny | 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse

I was trying on one of my favourite dresses the other day, when I realised that I couldn’t zip up the zipper. What?! 

Is the quality of the dress really that bad that it would shrink after one wash?! On another thought, I can’t really blame anyone but myself, with all the amazing food I have been eating on my recent cruise trips, it’s no wonder that all my clothes are feeling just that little snugger than usual.

I’ve always thought that I love food too much to go on a diet, any diet. When I was contacted by Schkinny Maninny to do a no-obligation review, I hesitated slightly. I wasn’t sure if I would survive on only fresh juices and soups alone. But I was curious about the cleanse and decided to give it a go. I want to make it clear that it was never my intention to lose any weight from a 3 day juice and soup cleanse. I was feeling bloated and sluggish from all the food I had been eating irresponsibly. I’m talking about room service at midnight and two breakfast in one day so I could do a proper review and cover all the restaurants. I wanted to give my body a break, to have a detox.

Ok, get the point Jennie!

Monday, Day 1 of the cleanse

6.45am: I woke up feeling pumped. George was still sleeping in his room, which meant I could hop downstairs with the other travel bunnie and have some alone time before our crazy little active bunnie baby started running around everywhere.  I knew that the juices (cold pressed of course) got delivered everyday. I wondered if they were here already? 

7:00am: Stepped outside to water my plants and there was a light blue foam cooler box sitting outside my door together with a a bag filled with detox tea bags, a detox bath soak, and a container of psyllium husk. Woot woot!

The first day of the cleanse was surprisingly easy. There were six individually numbered bottles, including two soups.  I think the novelty of the cleanse was exciting and I actually felt fine for the whole day. I started my morning with a bottle Leap Frog made with cucumber, kiwi, spinach, parsley, apple. I cringed at the look of it, but surprisingly it was quite tasty and refreshing. 

I kept myself occupied for the day. Between blogging and minibun George, the day went fast. Did I feel hungry? Not really. There was a little container filled with nuts that I found in the cooler, so I snacked on the nuts in between my drinks. I actually quite liked the carrot and cashew soup; the texture was really creamy and the hint of ginger put an exotic touch to the soup. 

Around 8pm that night, I went to the fringe and got out the Sleep Well, a drink made with almonds, brazil nuts, water, cinnamon and Medjool date. It could’ve been sweeter and creamier, I thought, but after I drank the entire bottle, I was really satisfied. 

I slept like a baby.

Tuesday, Day 2 of the cleanse

7:00am: Started the morning with a bottle of Water Frog made with watermelon, orange, spinach, kiwi and parsley.

9:00am: Where’s my CAWFEE!!!

8:00pm: The other travel bunnie sat next to me with a tub of Ben & Jerry. I was hangry - my tummy was filled with a sudden rage. 

I’m not gonna lie, the second day of the cleanse was by far the hardest. I had a headache pretty much all morning, it was like my shadow. Luckily minibun George was really well behaved. The juices and soups I got were different from Day 1 - variation makes the programme a lot more interesting. 

I walked past that jar of melting moments sitting on top of our kitchen bench for god knows how many times. Trust me, it took a lot of courage for me not to smash open the jar on the floor and lick the floor clean. Take a few deep breaths and step back, I told myself over and over. 

When this cleanse finishes, I’m gonna have a bucket of KFC, I promised myself while gulping down the Sleep Well.

Wednesday, Day 3 of the cleanse

7:00am: I was feeling chirpy again! Probably because I could see light at the end of the tunnel. Woohoo! 

7:00pm: I made myself a cup of the detox tea that came with the cleanse kit and went up stairs for a hot bath. I tipped the entire jar of the detox bath salt into the water and stepped inside. 

9:00pm: well, turned out I wasn’t starved to death after all. 

Ok… I want to know what the bath salt was made of! That thing was like a sauna in a jar. I literally didn’t stop sweating for the entire time while I was in the bathtub. 

Last day of the cleanse was nowhere near as bad as the day before. My body had adjusted it and to be honest, the combination of the juices and soups meant that I was constantly nourishing my body with nutrients. 

After the cleanse

No, I didn’t end up having a bucket of KFC. I couldn’t do that to myself after having seen my flat tummy. I was feeling energetic and refreshed.  I loved the fact that fresh juices were delivered every day for my convenience. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if I’ve lost any weight because as I said, it wasn’t my intention and I didn’t go on the scales before the cleanse. Having said that, I’m pretty sure my liver wanted to give me a massive hug at the end of the cleanse. 

Would I do it again? Yes. Although I wouldn’t do it on a monthly basis, I think I’m going to make this a seasonal thing as a treat to my body and soul. 

Disclaimer: this is a product sponsor post in collaboration with Schkinny Maninny, however my opinion is as always, my own. 

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