Denim Co. | Shop B09a Little Stanley Street, SOUTH BRISBANE QLD 4101

A late Sunday breakfast session always relaxes me, and the bunnies’ recent visit to Denim Co. was absolutely what we needed after weeks of running errands in order to organise minibun George’s baptism (it was a perfect event and I have plenty of photos to share). 

We arrived shortly after 9.30 on Sunday morning in order to avoid the morning rush, but noticeably Denim Co. is popular amongst the locals and it was pumping. A brunette lady wearing gold glittered Converse shoes walked over to introduce herself (her name was Sophia) as the cafe’s manager and she turned out to be a bubbly sweetheart with an Italian upbringing and naturally she’s passionate about great food. 

We started off with some nicely chilled fresh pineapple juice, followed by an iced hazelnut latte and a sweet, creamy strawberry milkshake served in a retro glass milk bottle. I’m usually not a fan of syrup in coffee, but the iced hazelnut latte tasted delicious with the sweetness from the syrup rounded out any bitterness from the espresso. I felt like it was the perfect Sunday coffee, not too sharp, just mellow and smooth yet refreshing. 

The other travel bunnie and I were stuck on what to have for breakfast as there were several dishes that we were both very keen on. With perfect timing Sophia walked over to us and suggested that she would bring us a selection of their breakfast dishes (which mind you, are available all day from 7am until 3pm allowing you to have that sleep in that you’ve been craving for all week). 

Dude, they sure know how to spoil their customers. The dishes were beautifully presented on wooden serving boards and dainty china plates. It was as if our table had turned into a blank canvas with vibrant colours artistically painted all over. We almost didn’t know where to start. Almost. The other travel bunnie quickly moved on the balsamic mushrooms, spinach and fetta on Turkish toast while I feasted on the smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill on dark rye accessorised with a poached egg. The other travel bunnie doesn’t usually order mushrooms for breakfast because he’s more of a bacon and eggs sort of guy. But he was impressed with the mushrooms. According to him they were simple but flavoursome and the Turkish toast had the perfect crispiness. We finished off with fluffy pancakes served with mixed berries and maple syrup (and a little toasted banana bread). By that time we were so happy and content, and we were both ready for a nap. 

I must say that I was surprised at the price of the dishes. Being located in a prime spot on Little Stanley Street, I expected Denim Co. to charge a premium for their food to take advantage the passing tourist trade. But much to the contrary, the dishes are really well priced. 

Before we left Sophia handed us with two lunch boxes filled with their goodies. Let’s just say that they quickly disappeared and relocated into our tummies after we got home that afternoon. Although I do feel that the Italian peach (pesche con crema) needs to be specially mentioned. Denim Co. gets an old Italian lady to make these and these cream filled peach shaped cakes are just too cute to resist. 

Disclaimer: the bunnies were welcomed to Denim Co. as invited guests, however my opinion is as always, my own.

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