Sichuan Bang Bang | 8 Wongabel Street, KENMORE QLD 4069

It was the Mid Autumn Moon Festival yesterday and mum offered to take us out for dinner, but we had already made a booking at Sichuan Bang Bang so I called up and requested for another seat to be added.

Driving out to Kenmore in peak traffic was not fun. The car trip felt like it took forever and Minibun George certainly didn't enjoy the constant stopping and starting on the road. Despite leaving the city at 5:30 thinking that we would have ample time to make it to our six o'clock reservation, we were still five minutes late.

I have to say from the outset that I like the look of Sichuan Bang Bang, it might be small, but it's hard to miss the strong Chinese influence in its d├ęcor; everything from the red walls, the wooden stools, the porcelain Buddha to the golden screen that separates the dining area and the entrance to the kitchen, even down to the small tea cups.

We found out about Sichuan Bang Bang from a list on the internet which suggested trying this restaurant for its Peking Duck Pancakes. Thinking in advance given the restaurant’s Monday night's special of Peking duck at $10 per serve, we ordered two. I was disappointed. The dish would've been more appropriate if it was called Duck Pancakes, but it certainly was not Peking Duck. Now before you start slamming me by saying “what do you expect to get for $10?” or “stop being such a food snob and thinking you know the best”, I'm sorry, but I am going to be snobby this time. Peking duck has been around for years; since the imperial era and it's also known to be served with thin, crisp skin with very little meat. For $10, I don't expect a duck being sliced in front of me or anything like that, and I'm not saying that the duck pancakes weren't tasty, but it ain't no Peking duck.

Everything practically went downhill from there. While the Xinjiang style Uyghur beef marinated in cumin ($22) was tender and delicious, both the Sichuan wok fried eggplant with minced pork in chilli sauce ($19) and Shanghainese pork spare ribs in vinegar sauce ($20) were pretty average. Not to mention that all the dishes were in fairly small portions as you can tell from the pictures. The other travel bunnie and I both felt quite sorry for taking mum there as she hardly ate anything that night. I rarely write harsh reviews, but I felt as though we didn't get any value out of the money that we spent, and if it's authentic Chinese food that you are after, I probably wound't go there.

On a positive note, our waitress was very energetic and smiley. Oh, and I really liked the Chinese tea. It was Twinings. Yes, I checked before we left the restaurant.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $95

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  1. your photos are always amazing! what camera do you use? id love it if youd comment back xx