Spring Hill Deli & Produce | 2/537 Boundary Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

I had no idea how Spring Hill Deli & Produce had managed to gone undetected on my radar for so long. But aren't I glad that I have finally found it!

We visited this gem a few days ago for breakfast and the first thing that I noticed was the colourful feature wall that reminds you to “wake up to splendid health with our local produce”. The menu indeed reflects this eatery's motto, with its breakfast menu designed to be wholesome, familiar and hearty.

We decided to awaken our senses with a delicious salted caramel milkshake ($7) and a dirty chai ($4.5) which I'd never had before. When the milkshake came out, they had mistakenly made a vanilla one instead and as it tasted pretty yummy, we decided to keep it. As for my dirty chai, it was another story and let's just say I wouldn't order it again (and the other travel bunnie was left with it).

I think I sucked in a big breath of air when I saw the breakfast dishes. They were huuuuge. The portions were so generous. Both the Sloppy Joe ($16.50) and the Israeli Shakshuka ($17) came with not one, not two, but three thick slices of toasted sourdough and both dishes also came with two eggs. Although the presentation of the Sloppy Joe might not have been the prettiest, it was damn tasty and the savoury mince was full of flavours with the melted cheddar only making the dish better (if that was even possible).

The first time I had an Israeli Shakshuka was at Harvest Cafe in Newrybar. The dish's exotic uniqueness really stood out and had been at the back of my mind ever since so when I saw it on the menu at Spring Hill Deli & Produce, I knew that I had to have it. Topped with a generous spread of feta, the Israeli Shakshuka didn't disappoint. The spicy tomato sauce was very distinct and as much I wanted to wipe up the whole dish with the toasted sourdough provided, I found myself rubbing that very, very full belly of mine well before I could finish the entire dish.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $45

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