Happy Boy | 36 Mein Street, SPRING HILL QLD 4000

It was an accidental discovery. I wasn't even looking for him, nor was I expecting him to be what he actually is, but I have found him, a new favourite of mine and he will be sure to make you drool. Meet Happy Boy.

When our bunnie mobile pulled up in front the restaurant and as soon as I stepped inside this side street garage turned eatery, I put on my judgemental hat and immediately thought to myself that it's one of those eateries run by hipsters thinking they can dish up some top notch Chinese cuisine because they've watched a Youtube tutorial on how to make dim sum, but boy was I wrong!

Not only was the dinner good, it was one of the best we've had in a long, long, long time. Ever since last time when we tried a, mmm how should I put this in a nice way... “new-age” Sichuan cuisine restaurant (the name of which shall remain undisclosed due to various reasons), the other travel bunnie and I have been really careful about venturing out to unfamiliar environments for regional Chinese dishes, despite the fact that there are ample options for Westernised Chinese food and most of them are delicious.

Thanks to my last minute reservation, we were able to get a couch table at the back of the restaurant. Tucked away and surrounded by three brick walls, it was a little nook with two brown leather couches and a coffee table. I actually preferred it over the proper tables. The other travel bunnie handed the decision rights at dinner to me, while he ordered a Kirin and a lemon, lime & bitters for us. It didn't take me long at all to place an order with the cheerful waitstaff.

I know people often say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of Happy Boy, the photos of the dishes really don't do any justice to the deliciousness. The fish slice drowned in Sichuan chilli broth ($18) tasted sensational as I put the soft flesh into my mouth and in a matter of seconds, the numbness from the Sichuan chilli peppers took over my palate, but it was just the right amount of spiciness, the sort of spiciness that makes you crave more. The red braised pork belly ($15) is a popular dish and we were lucky enough to score the last serve of the day. The meat was so tender and the fat had been caramelised so well that it was more like a thick sauce that simply melted with each bite. As for the fish fragrant eggplant ($15), let's just say that it was wiped clean pretty quickly after it hit our table.

I was so surprised at how well dinner had turned out. When the waitstaff came over to clear the table, she asked if we enjoyed the meal. 'Are you kidding?' was my response. I think she knew as soon as she saw the empty plates on the table.

Seriously can't wait to go back for more.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $62

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