Shouk Cafe | 14 Collingwood Street, PADDINGTON QLD 4064

Last Saturday, the other travel bunnie and I took minibun George out for breakfast for the first time. It went well! I'm thrilled that after five weeks, we can go back to our normal routine because you all know how much I enjoy my weekend breakfasts.

Shouk Cafe in Paddington was on the top of our list and it's only a short drive from the city, so we thought - Shouk it is! In fear that there would be a long queue to get in, we arrived at the cafe at 7.30am on the dot, just as they opened. And we were their first table for the day!

Inspired by the markets of the Middle East, the menu at Shouk Cafe sounds tempting and exotic. After a quick browse of the menu, the goats milk date panna cotta ($15) caught my attention, and as for the other travel bunnie, he decided to have the Latke stack ($16). So we sipped on our drinks (a cappuccino and a chai latte) while waiting for our meals. It wasn't exactly a short wait and just as I was starting to get anxious (mostly because I was scared that minibun George might wake up any minute and start crying), the dishes arrived.

Aaaaand so, I understood the wait. The chef aced it with impeccable presentation of both dishes. The lightly sweetened goats milk and date panna cotta was served with pistachio, seasonal fruits and a kataifi pastry nest, and dare I say it was the prettiest breakfast dish I've ever had. The panna cotta was ultra smooth and creamy, and it had just the right amount of sweetness before it gets completely turned into a dessert. The crunch kataifi pastry nest provided a layer a texture to the dish. Whilst I found that some of the fruits on the dish were too tart to go with the exotic taste of the panna cotta, it is a dish that I very much enjoyed. And yes, I did lick the spoon.

The other travel bunnie's dish was Polish potato pancake tack with leg ham, crème fraîche, dill and pickled red onions. According to him, the Latke stack was the perfect balance of starchy morning carbs and fragrant flavours that was tied together with two perfectly gooey poached eggs.

So there you go, Shouk Cafe is yet another great addition to the Brisbane's food scene with a very exotic touch. The bunnies love it and I can see myself going back there over and over again.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $39.20

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