Pitango - Solo Lunch Pack

On Monday, a brown insulated lunch bag was delivered to me at home. Inside were three bags of organic soup from Pitango. The brand is known for their delicious, organic, fresh chilled soups and meals and they have recently launched their single serve soups in Australia. Receiving the soups meant that I could have a healthy lunch without the fuss of cooking and cleaning, which means a lot for a first time mum with a 5 week old newborn. I was excited to taste all of them and planned to have the soups the next day for a lunchtime picnic rendezvous with the other travel bunnie.

As the night fell and my stomach rumbled, I couldn't help myself but to open the fridge to see what was readily available inside...and the soups were just sitting there staring back at me. And that's how I ended up gulping down a bowl of rich, creamy organic Thai pumpkin soup. I think it's really smart that Pitango has jazzed up this classic traditional soup with warming curry paste and coconut cream.

The next day, as if minibun George had known that we were about to go out, he was on his best behaviour. We ended up sitting on the grass under the sun for a wonderful picnic. And yes, the soups from Pitango made an appearance. It took me two minutes to heat them up in the microwave, which makes them a healthy on-the-go lunch.

Disclaimer: these organic soups were provided courtesy of Pitango, however my opinion is as always, my own.

*PitangoTM Solos are available now across IGA stores nationally.

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