500th Post

As I'm sitting here writing this 500th blog entry, I have officially been on maternity leave for one entire week. I have to admit that initially, I was really worried about not having anything to do at home. The thought of not being at work and not having to get up at 7am almost haunted me. But a week later, I must say that I'm getting used to this new leisurely lifestyle.
Time's ticking fast and there are only eight weeks left till we welcome mini bunnie George into this world. The other travel bunnie has been so excited that he actually set up the nursery in December. When I just moved into the the bunnie pad, it screamed very much a bachelor pad. I didn't mind and in fact, I quite liked the décor. It wasn't until last year, that the other travel bunnie and I went on a Hermès and Versace frenzy and finally put a feminine touch to the apartment. So for the 500th blog entry, I'd like to share some photos of our nursery and a few glimpses of our bunnie pad with you. Enjoy!
PS. yes, those are one hundred glow in the dark stars on the nursery room's ceiling.

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