Alfredo's Pizzeria | 39 Alfred Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

One Saturday night, the other travel bunnie and I decided to have a date night. Both of us craved for pizza, but having tried a number of pizzerias, we wanted to go somewhere different and that's when Alfredo's Pizza popped up in our heads.

Located in the Valley and next to an old Queenslander known as Alfred & Constance, Alfredo's Pizza is definitely not your average pizza takeaway shop. 

The pizzeria was empty when we arrived, but not long after we were seated and just as the sun went down, Alfredo's Pizza suddenly turned into a crowded hotspot with old school dance music pumping loud and hard.

To start off with, we shared a garlic, parmesan & rosemary flat bread ($6.50), which was just the right portion for the two of us to nibble on before our pizza arrived, a Sweet Home Alabama ($24.90). The paper thin pizza base was topped with popcorn chicken, Alfredo's BBQ sauce, crispy pancetta and garlic mayo, while the edge was the pizza was perfectly puffed in the wood-fired brick pizza oven. Both of us thought that the combo of ingredients worked extremely well. The bite sized popcorn chicken pieces were so tasty and I just wish that they were more generous with the amount.
Our waitress had forgotten our dessert order, so our banana nutella dessert pizza with vanilla cream and caramelised hazelnuts ($14.50) took a lot longer than expected. Luckily the dessert was delicious and it just wouldn't be fair to let that one silly hiccup ruin what would otherwise be, a wonderful date night.
Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $53

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