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As the taxi pulled up in front of Porteño, the four of us bolted to the entrance. It was nine o’clock at night and we all felt like hungry wolves. The restaurant, despite being dark and loud, was filled with an indescribable month-watering smell. We were led upstairs to Gardel’s Bar as no table was available at the time. So we sank our tired bodies down into the old brown leather couch and we ordered four different cocktails to unwind our minds.

Our dining table, once available, was located downstairs in an area that felt like an Agentinian court.

We were advised that the kitchen only had one last serve available of their popular Chanchito a la cruz - 8 hour woodfired pig ($46) left, so without even a slight hesitation, it was ordered. We really had no clue as to what else to have and at the recommendation of our waiter, decisions were made and plates kept on coming.

I can honestly say that I don't remember much of the details from the meal. It was all too much. From House Baked Bread with Olive Oil & Pork Pate ($2 per person) to the Free Range Baby Chicken Grilled Over Charcoal ($30), to the Thinly Sliced Wagyu Girello, Vine Smoked Tuna Preserve, Anchovy Mayonnaise & Capers ($30) and the quinoa salad ($16) there was so much food going around and too much banter and laughter. What I do remember is that the food tasted fantastic and surprisingly, for someone like the other travel bunnie, whose eating motto is “you don't make friends with salad, or veggies for that matter” he absolutely loved the Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts with Lentils and Mint ($16). And I don't blame him, it was one kick-ass dish. Anyone who can make brussel sprouts so delicious and almost addictive must be a genius.

We couldn't have asked for a better way to start-off our Sydney weekend getaway with a mouth-watering dinner at Porteño.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $328

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