MoVida Bar de Tapas | Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

We had one last place to visit before our departure from Melbourne – MoVida.

I had indeed packed way too much food into our four-day getaway. Call me greedy, but I wasn’t willing to leave without paying a visit to the ever so popular tapas restaurant (even though we had only a few short hours before been seen leaving our buffet breakfast).

Tucked away in Hosier Lane,  the Spanish culinary affair began before we had even stepped inside of the restaurant as we surrounded ourselves with the vibrant graffiti scene mapped all over the buildings. The restaurant was dark, cosy and loud. Also, the tables were close to one another providing us with the perfect opportunity to see what other people were having.

As much as we had tried, it was difficult to find room in our stomachs to devour the food that I oh-so wanted to savour, and with me being pregnant a lot of my favourite tapas options were unfortunately out of the question. That’s not to say that we didn’t have delicious food at MoVida as we took the time to enjoy every little morsel, from their creamy croquetas to one of their specials of the day, flavoursome zucchini flowers. Everything was so tasty.

I thought it was the perfect way to end our Melbourne eating feast.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $34.00

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