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I had been looking forward to our American feast at Mighty Mighty for days. Seriously. When the other travel bunnie told me that our friend A had called and confirmed that dinner would be at Mighty Mighty, I was so happy that I skipped all the way down the Queen Street Mall.

So Wednesday night finally came after I had spent loads of time day-dreaming about juicy buttermilk chicken. It rained in the afternoon and when we got out of the car park, the cool air sent a chill through my body. A prawn and clam chowder would be the perfect entrée to warm me up, I thought.

The space at Mighty Mighty felt very open with its high ceiling, open kitchen and minimalistic decoration other than a giant feature wall at the back of the restaurant. After we were seated and ordered our food, the four of us sat there with great anticipation for the entrées to arrive.  Without any hesitation, I ordered the Louisiana prawn & clam chowder w. smoked andouille sausage ($16). My love for chowder was developed in San Francisco, where it was definitely love at first sight try when I took my first spoonful of clam chowder at Boudin Bakery. The Louisiana prawn & clam chowder looked simple, but it had plenty of clams and a big prawn hidden at the bottom of the bowl. I really enjoyed the chowder and thought that the smoked Andouille sausage added a nice touch to the dish.

The boys decided to have two serves of the Mighty Mighty hot wings w. pickled celery, ranch ($14). A word of advice, the Holy Roller is not for the faint hearted. When they say spicy, they mean spicy. The menu reads flaming lips and oh yes, they delivered flaming lips.

H had the burnt end hash lightly breaded w. avocado and corn salsa ($15) and it was the general consensus that it was the best entrée out of the four.

So the empty plates sat in front of us for almost thirty minutes before they were taken away as the waitress had to make room for our mains.

Not impressed.

But it wasn’t over. The mains were extremely disappointing. The buttermilk fried chicken buttermilk and coriander slaw ($28) being the worst of them all, the blue cheese dressing was watery and the chicken hardly had any flavour. As for the signature slow-roasted cola lamb ribs w. ‘loaded’ hush puppies, pickled green peach relish ($29), where should I start? Not only were the ribs small, they were dripping with fat. Now I don’t mind fat and I personally love fatty ribs as I think that’s where all the flavours is, but when the ribs were all fat and hardly any meat, it becomes quite a joke at $29. We all agreed that the mighty mighty smoked beef brisket rubbed, smoked and mopped with our molasses barbecue sauce, potato and apple salad ($32) was the best dish.  The beef brisket was tender and tasty, we wished that we had all ordered it.

So the empty plates sat in front of us forever before someone finally came over and cleared them away. Another fifteen minutes was spent waiting for the bill to arrive, which it never did. The boys decided to go to the counter to pay only then being rudely told to wait for longer.

Now I know it’s not every day that you can walk into a restaurant and get 100% perfectly cooked meals, and I didn’t mind the food being a hit and miss every now and then. It was the service (or lack of) at Mighty Mighty that really put us off. At $239, it was hardly the soul food that I was after and the mediocre service certainly did not leave a mighty good impression for us. That’s two strikes for M&A Lane now after our rather disappointing experience at Locanda.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $239

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