Ganada Cafe Tapas Bar, 154 Melbourne Street, SOUTH BRISBANE QLD 4101

I can't remember how many times we've walked past Granada, but somehow the dimly lit tapas bar had never really been the focus of too much attraction for me. As the other travel bunnie and I are slowly but surely running out of places to try, we decided to go to Granada for a Spanish feast.

Dinner was booked at 6.30, which was a perfect time for the both of us to finish work and casually walk across to South Bank. The restaurant was already quickly filling up with customers. The place felt intimate, yet still alive and not intimidatingly quiet. We were led to to a table around the corner and that's when I realised that the restaurant has a pretty cool looking bar on which you can enjoy tapas (perhaps over a little Sangria?). All of the waitstaff had exotic accents, which added more character to the restaurant.

To kick start our night, we ordered a glass of Sangria and a Corona. The decision on which dishes to have was easily made. I'm not quite sure if it was because the clear red liquid made my head buzz or because all the items on the menu sounded sp promising.

We started with bread and olive oil (very very good olive oil may I add) and the food arrived quickly. Croqueta ($4 each), taco de cerdo ($6), special of the night (black sausage with lentils, $9), meatballs (albondigas, $16) and grilled chicken with tortillas (pollo a la yacatan $28), one followed by another. We were intrigued and thoroughly entertained by all the flavours. I couldn't pick a favourite. The croqueta was crispy on the outside but extremely creamy and cheesey on the inside. The porkbelly taco, which comes with its own hot sauce on the side was oh-so-soft and with a few drops of the hot sauce, you will be sure to start a party of flavours in your mouth. The meatballs were covered in this intense tomato sauce and they were so moist. The grilled chicken, well you know it's good just by simply looking at the photo and the home made tortillas were fantastic.

We were wowed by this place. I can't believe that we had never considered Granda before. It's bye bye Ole, hola Granada!

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $93. 

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