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During our recent trip to Melbourne, we really didn’t have that much planned other than going to the James Bond exhibition and well, eating.

So besides going to restaurants for delicious meals, we also checked out a number of dessert places.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe
I first visited Lindt Chocolate Cafe at its Martin Place store in Sydney many years ago. Back then, I was a first year uni student and Max Brenner was nowhere to be seen. I found the concept of a café that focuses on chocolates to be so refreshing and alluring. I was hooked.

But this time round, Lindt didn’t do much for me. We walked past Lindt Chocolate Cafe on Collins Street after a little drizzle of rain and I was in need of something warm to shake off the coldness in my body. I found the hot chocolate ($7 each) to be overpriced given its quality (or lack there of) and the café seemed a little too touristy rather than relaxing for me.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $14.00

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Harajuku Crepes
I read about this place in a Melbourne travel guide and decided to try it out.

Harajuku Crepes is located in a small alleyway that leads to a train station/ shopping mall.  This place provides a wide selection of flavours and yes, you get a generous amount of cream too. I found the crepes to be slightly on the pricey side. A chocolate and strawberry crepe was $7.60 and a simple banana crepe was $6.80. And to be bluntly honest, they weren’t all that as the crepes become quite stiff as soon as they cooled down.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $14.40

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Monarch Cakes
I thought it was necessary for me to take the other travel bunnie to St Kilda given this was our first trip to Melbourne together,  I love St Kilda as you can find numerous famous (albeit now very touristy) cake shops on Acland Street. Unlike other cakes shops around, Monarch Cakes doesn’t have a fancy shop window filled with colourful cakes. It’s old and dark inside with a touch of nostalgia. We shared their famous KugelHopf.  The cake looked very simple (much like the shop) I definitely wouldn’t look at it twice if I walk past it in a rush. The cake however tasted wonderful, it’s richness wasn’t sickening but left me craving for more. You know what they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover.  This is a must try if you are in the area.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $10

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Oh Brunetti, where shall I begin? This place is like a domestic goddess that oozes sexy deliciousness. Its wide selection of sweets is more than impressive. If I lived in Melbourne, I would definitely be loyal customer.

The affair started with finding a spot to park on the VERY busy Lygon Street after dark.  Then, we battled with the hordes of people trying to place an order in what appeared to be a chaotic no –line system.  What followed was the other travel bunnie waiting at the hot drink counter for someone to shout out an order that sounded remotely similar to ours.  Finally, after getting a lucky seat outside we sat and gorged on what was some of the sweetest, pretty looking deserts I had seen in ages.  I am not sure if it was the sugar talking or the combination of the cool air rushing down this ethnic icon but I loved it.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $28

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Laurent is a beautiful patisserie located on Little Collins Street that’s been around for years. On our last day in Melbourne, we popped in here for a little while to rest our feet and to sample some of its delicious cakes. I love the décor of this place, its understated elegance reminded me of a little café in Paris.

The Coffee was solid and the cakes were fantastic. A great little stop-off after a long day of shopping.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $25

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  1. oh yumm. I've never been to Monarch..must try there next time! your posts always make me drool!

  2. Thanks for putting these one on my radar. Might have to try to breeze by this weekend.

    1. pleasure! Hope you had a fabulous weekend :)