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My dad arrived from China on Tuesday. As he only flies over to Australia to visit twice a year, the other travel bunnie and I were extremely excited about taking my parents somewhere for dinner to welcome him.

Perhaps it was my baby bump talking but I had massive cravings for Peking Duck and feeling lost as to where to go for it, I picked up the phone and made a reservation at Taste Gallery. The other travel bunnie and I had been to Taste Gallery a long time ago when they first opened and neither of us were too impressed with the experience. I was hoping that that would change.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

The Peking Duck Three Ways, albeit extremely cheap at $48.80, was nowhere near as nice as what a properly cooked Peking Duck is supposed to be. To start with, the duck was not sliced in front of us at the table. The pre-sliced skin were placed on prawn crackers and brought to us with chunks of unevenly sliced cucumbers. The waiter that took our order had little knowledge about the dish and didn’t even know how many pancakes were supposed to come with the order. The noodles were really oily but the soup was tasty (and it was perhaps the most popular dish of the night). In addition, we also ordered braised chicken fillets with super spicy sauce ($14.80), stewed eggplant with Szechuan sauce ($15.80) and lemon chicken ($15.80).

The lemon chicken was the worst of all. It was bland, covered in a thick layer of flour and for the price that we paid I was expecting more than just food-court quality lemon chicken. Having said all that, I did enjoy the braised chicken fillets with super spicy sauce. The chicken fillets were extremely tender and the fiery sauce left me wanting more.

The service was unfortunately equally as disappointing as the duck and the lemon chicken dishes.

I can’t see myself going back there ever again.  

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $110.40

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