Billykart Kitchen | 1 Eric Crescent, ANNERLEY QLD 4105

We decided to have breakfast at Billykart Kitchen last Saturday as it was on the way to the Gold Coast. I had been wanting to visit there for a while, but given its location is slightly out of the way for us, we hadn’t been motivated enough to venture out to Annerley.

Located at the corner of suburban streets, we were lucky enough to find a parking spot right outside of the eatery. It was buzzing at 9:45, with a quick glance at the menu, we wasted no time in ordering our food. They had no avocado on the day, so avocado was replaced with an egg and baba ghanoush for the fried corn fritters ($16). They were very accommodating in having my egg fried on both sides.  The other travel bunnie ordered free range eggs ($6) with double smoked bacon ($4.50) and roasted Portobello mushrooms ($4.50). The wait for the food took a long time, so our cappuccino ($3.70) and mocha ($3.70) were long finished and there was still no food. In fact, the two tables next to us who arrived well after us had received their food before we did, so I figured that it was appropriate to follow up on our order, forty-minutes later.

When the food finally did arrive instead of mushrooms, the other travel bunnie was given tomatoes. In all fairness, one of the staff did come over to apologise for the mistake and offered to replace the dish, but we were too hungry to care and we feared that it would take too long for the replacement order to come out.

The food tasted good. I really enjoyed the fried corn fritters and thought that the flavours of the dish were balanced really well. The fritters were so tasty that I wished I got more than just two of them. I think the other travel bunnie was slightly disappointed with his meal but judging by the fact that nothing was left on his plate, I think it was definitely satisfactory.

I like the sound of their lunch menu as well, it sounds yummy yet really reasonably priced. However given our recent experience with the service and speed, it will be a while before we head back again.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $38.40

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