Dining in - Domino's Wagyu Duet

When I first saw the commercial on TV for Domino's newly launched World Class Wagyu Duet pizza, my jaw almost dropped to the floor at the hefty price tag of $50. The other travel bunnie and I have been fans of Domino's for a long time. After all, it's hard to resist their value deals on Mondays and Tuesdays.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to try their new creation, I said yes with no hesitation. I was more than curious to find out what's so special about the Wagyu Duet, so much so that Domino's can charge a price that's not often see at Italian restaurants or pizzerias in Australia.

The Wagyu Duet was promptly delivered to our place at 7.30pm, steaming hot and presented in a specially designed box. Being a massive meat lover, my mouth started watering at the thought of strips of 6+ marble score wagyu.

As the name itself suggests, the Wagyu Duet comes with two premium pizzas. On one side, you've got the Wagyu 3 Ways, which delivers wagyu in the form of sliced wagyu sausage, air-dried wagyu bresaola and strips of wagyu rib fillet, and if you think that's not enough meat for intense meat lovers like myself, the pizza is then topped with smoked rashers of bacon, 100% aussie ground beef and a zesty tomato capsicum sauce that's nothing but delicious.

On the other side, which I'd like to call the 'fancy' side, you've got the Wagyu & Truffle Hollandaise pizza. The distinctive smell of truffle combined with fresh herbs really takes the pizza to a different level. The bright red colour of cherry tomatoes combined with the silky whiteness of truffle infused hollandaise and creamy camembert creates an aromatic sensation with each bite of the wagyu rib fillet.

I personally preferred the Wagyu 3 Ways. I loved the fact that each bite was packed with quality soft and juicy wagyu. I wanted more punch to the pizza and added drops of Tabasco, which only left me craving for more.

I have to be honest, I can't imagine having the Wagyu Duet as regularly as we do other Domino's pizzas, but I do think the Wagyu Duet is something special that pizza lovers or meat loves should try when they want a night in, but still want that touch of gourmet experience. Something like a gathering of friends at home, or even better, a romantic DVD night. Or perhaps just a self-indulging night at home with scented candles and a glass of red.

Disclaimer: the Wagyu Duet was provided to the bunnies free of charge 

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