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This festive silly season has made the other travel bunnie and I nothing but lazy (or what I would like to call, extremely chilled). Our days usually involve watching James Bond movies at home, ordering take away food and subsequently eating it at home and whenever I feel up to it, I would use one of my Christmas presents from the other travel bunnie, a KitchenAid platinum stand mixer in the eye-catching colour of Raspberry Ice to make chocolate ganache cake, ice cream and lots and lots of cookies.

On some mornings, when our pantry and fridge are empty, we'd drive out hunting for breakfast.

A few recent places that we visited are Peel Street Kitchen, Little Brew and Buzz Gasworks. Although I don't intend on going into lots of details about these visits, I would still like to give you some of my thoughts.

Peel Street Kitchen
Peel Street Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Our early morning visit to this establishment located in South Brisbane scored us a parking spot in their underground parking lot. It was extremely quite. At one stage, we were the only customers. I didn't mind it.

A Breakfast Platter ($25 for 2 people) was shared between the two of us. The platter came with poached free-range eggs, sourdough toast, roasted tomato, mushrooms, smoked bacon & country styled chipolate & potato hash. I asked for scrambled eggs instead and they turned out to be some of the creamiest and yummiest I've had in a long long time!

I think the platter is really good value for money, it has just the right amount of food to provide a satisfactory breakfast.

We were told by the waitress that their dinner service is extremely popular and a reservation is a must. Having seen their dinner menu, I think a return visit is a must.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $35 (or thereabouts)

Little Brew
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A while ago when the other travel bunnie and I were on our way to the Paddington Antiques Centre, we spotted Little Brew. Being a long-time fan of Brew, I asked the other travel bunnie to take me there for breakfast.

We found a table towards the back of the Queenslander-turned-cafe and waited for ten minutes before the menu was brought to us and another fifteen before our orders were taken. To be honest, I wasn't that thrilled with the menu, although reasonably priced, none of the items seemed really appealing to me.

We settled on their creamed ricotta and nutella brioche sandwich w' white balsamic strawberries ($12) and halloumi and zucchini fritters, cress, baked field mushrooms, poached egg and tomato relish ($14.50).

Thirty minutes later, our breakfast arrived at our table. The brioche was soggy and the fritters were uncooked in the middle. I'm usually not picky with my breakfast, but left half of my breakfast untouched and I think that says a lot.

At $6.50 each, the freshly squeezed juices were overpriced as half of the glasses were full of ice.

Unfortunately, Little Brew wasn't the right brew for me.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $39.50

Buzz - Gasworks
Buzz Gasworks on Urbanspoon

After a rather uneventful breakfast at Little Brew, I still had cravings for a traditional bacon and eggs breakfast. I scoured the internet for a breakfast spot to satisfy my hunger and Buzz at the Gasworks came to mind.

The place was buzzing with people but we were lucky enough to snatch up the last table inside the cafe.

I like the simple yet sleek design of this joint, but what I like the most about Buzz is the counter ordering system, meaning that you don't have to wait for the waitress to come to you. Simply order and pay at the counter. VoilĂ !

Breakfast was perfect. My scrambled eggs with truffle tapenade, field mushrooms, buttered toast and rocket ($16) with a side of double smoked chriberg bacon ($5) was simple, traditional and delicious. In fact, it was just what I was after.

According to the other travel bunnie, his Buzz eggs benedict with spinach and house made hollandaise w' bacon ($18) was nothing but exceptional too.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $47

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