DINING IN - How Hot Can You Go?

Having been up since 2am this morning to watch the World Cup soccer match between Greece and Columbia, followed by another match between Italy and England, we thought it would be the perfect idea to finish the midday with a pizza feast.

During my pregnancy, I'd always had cravings for spicy food and often, I could be spotted at Sichuan restaurants eating spicy water-boiled fish, sprinkling loads of chilli powder into my ramen at Hakataya Ramen, even with dinner at home I'd always keep a bottle of Tabasco handy.

So just before 12o'clock today, the other travel bunnie picked up the phone and dialled Pizza Capers, as we were eager to try their new Inferno range to finally satisfy my hunger for some seriously spicy food.

The new Inferno range released by Pizza Capers for a limited time only includes a chipotle pulled pork pizza ($19.95) and the chimichanga chorizo & prawn pizza ($21.95) as well as two sides, inferno wings ($8.95 for a pack of 6) and spicy corn empanadas ($10.95 for a pack of 6).

When the other travel bunnie came home with lunch, our kitchen was filled with an exotic smell of delicious goodness.

The chimichanga chorizo & prawn pizza is a classic flavour combination. It's packed with flavours and Pizza Capers sure doesn’t skimp on the prawns and spicy chorizo slices. The generous amount of chipotle mayo and Tabasco spices took the already flavoursome pizza to the next level while the mixture of Spanish onion, roasted red peppers, corn and mozzarella cheese created depth and perfect balance of flavours. As for the chipotle pulled pork pizza, both the other travel bunnie and I agreed that it's not for the faint hearted. While the pulled pork was tender, the smoked chipotle peppers indeed created a burning contrast.

The inferno wings were good, but my favourite out of the two sides is definitely the spicy corn empanadas. I love the creamy chipotle dipping sauce and thoroughly enjoyed the sweetness bursting from the corn with each bite.

The Inferno range is fantastic for serious hot food lovers. To enhance the inferno experience, you even get your own mini Tabasco sauce, however neither the other travel bunnie nor I had the guts (quite literally) to use any. 

So how hot can you go? 

Disclaimer: The Inferno range was provided free of charge courtesy of Pizza Capers. 

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