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Every fortnight, the other travel bunnie and I meet up with another couple who are our very close friends to have dinner and catch up.

Our last gathering was held at The Euro, a restaurant which I’d like to think of as the casual, laid-back sister of Urbane.

I intended to write a long post for this restaurant as it is one of the first few restaurants that the other travel bunnie took me to at the very early stage of our dating scene.  In fact, I still remember the taste my very first mouthful of Euro’s Crème Catalan ($15.50), being the Catalonian version of the French dessert, crème brûlée. In fact, I was extremely happy when The Euro decided to operate a coffee cart with pastries in the mornings.  Needless to say, having dined at Restaurant II for our last get-together which left us nothing but fantastic culinary memories, we were very eager to introduce this contemporary restaurant to our dear friends.

Unfortunately, it was less impressive than what we had hoped.  The coke ($4) was flat, the Cabassi wagyu 'Cotoletta', slaw salad at $41 was dry and bland (yes I do realise that it’s supposed to be a schnitzel), and to top it all, our waitress was unpleasantly impolite throughout the evening.  When asked about the Chocolate brownie w’ eucalyptus ice cream ($15.50), she simply advised us that “the brownie is warm and the ice cream is cold” and swiftly walked away, leaving us stunned in our chairs.  To the restaurant’s credit, the eucalyptus ice cream tasted nothing like toothpaste (just in case if you were wondering), it wasn’t overly sweet and it left a pleasant refreshing taste in my mouth. I guess I would happily go back to The Euro for their ice cream.  The rest of the dishes were good, but nothing was overwhelmingly delicious.

We absolutely loved our experience when we went to Urbane to celebrate my birthday a while ago, both in terms of the service, creatively and taste of its food.  It’s unfortunate that the next door sister left a memorable experience for us for all the wrong reasons.

Having said all those, Euro’s Crème Catalan remains as one of my favourite desserts of all time. 

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $394.50

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