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Okay, to say that I have a passion (if not a downright tradition) of having a high tea on every overseas trip that we take goes without saying.  I mean, The Authors Lounge at the MO in Bangkok, the Orangery Kensington Palace, the Versace on the Gold Coast (any number of times) and more recently a couple of stunning places in China are just a shortlist (pretentious I know, but we are talking about high tea).  So to say that I was more than a little excited about adding the Goodman’s Café at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue to my list of accomplishments is an understatement.

The morning leading up to our afternoon rendezvous was nothing short of hectic.  Thinking back, I am quite sure that we had 3 smaller meals all during the few short hours before our tea but clearly our zigzagging across town was keeping us hungry.  

From the second you step into the Café you are smacked with an element of history and dainty décor that can only be described as “high-tea-esq”.  We were not fortunate enough to secure a seat next to the window but the table was did get was cosy and the service was attentive and quick.  We enjoyed the afternoon tea ($35USD per person).  While the finger food was not the best I have ever had (the quality and creative of the items presented were not as amazing as I was hoping) the whole affair was as regal as any one of the other places that I previously mentioned and was easily enough to put me in the mood for shopping (I blame the high tea for my sudden desire and eventual purchase of a beautiful Chanel GST).

A Cliché must try … definitely
Pretentious … Maybe
The very best … I think not.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $90USD (inducing tips)

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