Lefkas Taverna | 170 Hardgrave Road, WEST END QLD 4101

Being half Greek, Minibun George celebrated his first ever Name Day last Thursday, and as you do when it comes to a big celebration, you eat! So that how we ended up at Lefkas Taverna. 

The other travel bunnie first introduced me to Lefkast Taverna years ago when we just started dating. Back then, the Greek restaurant (which might I add is much loved by locals) had only a small space and most people would walk in and grab take-away. Fast forward a few years, Lefkas Taverna has a whole new look with its expansion, however the village style atmosphere remains. 

Once seated, we ordered the absolute essential drinks that we always order in Greek restaurants - Mythos and iced frappé (although I personally like the iced frappé at Little Greek Taverna better). Entrées were a good spread of cheeses - haloumi ($6.90) and saganaki (which is quite a salty cheese made of sheep’s milk)($8.90), as well as grilled eggplant topped with fetta and fresh garlic ($8.90). The pungent taste from the garlic mixed with the creaminess of the crumbed feta worked wonderfully with the grilled eggplant which had an extremely soft texture. 

I had been craving for moussaka for a while there; my mother-in-law makes really good moussaka and I always find that dish really comforting. Moussaka is a classic Greek dish made with layers of mince, eggplant and potato. At Lefkas Tavern, moussaka ($18.90) is served with either veggies or Greek salad and the portion is very generous to say the least. I might have been spoilt by my MIL’s cooking as I prefer her version for it’s slightly more oily and heavier. But moussaka wasn’t the star of the night, as the other travel bunnnie and my mum shared a 1kg roast lamb served with crispy potatoes and green beans ($59.00). Let me tell you, the lamb was the bomb! It was so tender, the meat practically fell off the bone with a gentle prick of a fork and it smelt way too good for me not to get amongst it and abandon my moussaka. I wanted to pick up the lamb shoulder by the bone and eat it like a chicken drumstick, but I resisted (but not without a battle…). 

We couldn’t eat anymore but still decided to get a rizogalo for later. The rizogalo may only cost $4.50 take away, but the pure pleasure of going to bed with a satisfied tummy is priceless.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $116.50

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