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Friends often ask me, how do you know that he's the one. I think the question is simple really, and my answer had always been, you just know. Cliché yes, but when I realised that his happiness means so much to me and that I would feel more proud than he does of his achievements, I knew. Of course, there are so many more factors about my wonderful husband that I love, but for your ease, I decided not to go on and keep this as a food post.

On Friday, the other travel bunnie sat for an interview examination to become a registered trustee, which I consider a massive milestone in an insolvency practitioner's career. I was ecstatic when I found out on that same afternoon that he had got it!

Time for celebration.

I changed into a little black dress and paired it when some heels and we headed downstairs to Moo Moo Wine Bar & Grill.

Like any good celebration, we started the night with two glasses of Moet ($56) accompanied by a dozen mixed oysters, presented four ways – Belvedere Bloody Mary shooters, natural, kilpatrick and tempura ($42). I love oysters and with a mixed dozen, you really can't go wrong. But the Belvedere Bloody Mary shooters were my favourite.

Since we were having a celebration, we decided to go a little overboard with our mains – Spice Rubbed 1KG Wagyu Rump Roast w' wild rocket, fig vincott + pecorino, Wagyu fat roast Kipfler potatoes, garlic + rosmary and a trio of the Chef's sauce selections ($125). The roast was carved at the table in front of us. Cooked medium rare, the meat was juicy and tender. I honestly tried my best to finish off my half, but unfortunately, I had to leave some moo moo behind on the plate.

I think that night I murmured in my sleep and it was believed by the other travel bunnie that I had a moo moo conversation with a few cows at a dairy farm...

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $236.

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  1. Jennie! your blog gets better and better everyday. love it....