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Now, most people (sane people) probably wouldn’t go out for a big breakfast after having shared one kilo of wagyu between two the night before.  But we are crazy when it comes to food. The morning after our dinner at Moo Moo, when the first rays of the new rising sun appeared along the horizon, our body clock went off and we became irrational and were desperately in need of more food. Well, okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little.  We were still full from last night’s dinner, but I had my French class to attend and I doubted that I would stay motived throughout the entire two hours without some bacon and/ or eggs.

My weekend class starts at 10am every Saturday, which doesn’t really allow me too much spare time to have a nice and relaxing breakfast.  We opted for somewhere close to head to – Jeremy’s Bistro. We had walked past Jeremy’s Bistro thousands of times and I had always been attracted to its vintage chandelier and nostalgic décor.  

The city was extremely quite in the early hours of that Saturday morning.  Jeremy’s had two tables occupied and some jazz music was playing in the background. Our waiter was a well-dressed middle aged man and the service that we received was extremely professional, which is rare for breakfast as we often go to casual cafes where most of the wait staff are hipsters.

It didn’t take us long to decide on the breakfast options; herbed potato cakes with sliced leg ham, poached eggs and mustard dressing ($17) for me and “posh” baked beans with sliced chorizo sausage, roma tomatos and grilled crusty bread with melted cheese ($16.50) for the other travel bunnie.  And of course, a latte ($5) and a pot of Earl Grey ($5) to go with our meals. I loved the vintage looking sugar bowl and creamer that came with my tea (and yes, I took so many photos of them).  I think all my snapping almost freaked out the little children at the next table.

The Food was delicious. I was a little judgemental when I first stepped into this restaurant because it’s not an extremely popular breakfast spot and I thought that there must be a reason for it.  But it turned out that I was wrong. The herbed potato cakes were so flavoursome and crispy on the outside. I wanted more even though my stomach kept saying no more food…

I’m so glad that we finally tried Jeremy’s Bistro. I enjoyed my experience so much that I almost don’t want to share this little gem with you all. I mean, who wants crowds of people to contend with when they go to breakfast. But yes – that would be selfish and even though there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about its understated absence that I find so alluring, there will always be a seat available for some tasty goodness.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $43.50

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