Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour | USA

 At some point in your life, you've gotta step out of your comfort zone and experience something different.

Well, it had always been the other travel bunnie's dream trip to take a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. However, as much as I enjoy taking holidays overseas, flying has never been one of my leisure pursuits. After literally months of persuasion, I finally nodded my head (unwillingly, of course). So the other travel bunnie booked a Sunset Grand Celebration & Vegas Strip helicopter tour.

It was one of thoseperfect days, waking up in our Bellagio suite, followed by a fabulous brunch downstairs. And then it came to my realisation that after bunch was the helicopter ride. I immediately felt sick in the stomach.

We were picked up and taken to the McCarran International Airport in a stretched limousine. I actually don't remember the trip to the airport, mainly because I was busy swiping off the sweat between my palms.

During this just a little less than four-hour experience, we flew over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and landed at the bottom of Grand Canyon, four-thousand feet below the rim, where we enjoyed an usual picnic. On the way back, we had aerial views of the Strip over sunset.

I've decided not to go into to much details, for I believe a picture is worth a thousand words and I sure took more than just one picture from the most amazing experience that I have ever had.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $818.



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