Bunnie's Birthday Post!

I recently said to the other travel bunnie that I feel as though time is getting way too quickly for my liking. When you're spending time with someone who enjoys the same things as you and whom you love so dearly to the point that it hurts, time flies by so quickly. On Saturday, I spent my birthday with the other travel bunnie for the third year.

Unlike prior years, I no longer feel the need to go to fancy restaurants or have lavish celebrations. I feel content and very grateful for having been surrounded by my loving family. Needless to say, with a casual dinner at Bistro One Eleven being the prequel, we had lots of food. Good food too, given that the ever so popular Greek festival was on and the other travel bunnie introduced Greek cuisine to my mum.

Oh and the presents, they were definitely the icing on the cake (which was from Le Bon Choix).

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  1. Happy Birthday Bunny - It was my birthday on Saturday too!

    1. Thank you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday too :)